The Need For Specialized Planning Services

The Need for Specialized Planning Services

According to recent research, there are three reasons why 60% of people will have to make substantial, undesired lifestyle changes during retirement:

  • Increasing life expectancies. People are living far longer than they often expect and thus, need to plan accordingly. If you are married, there is a high probability that you or your spouse could live to be age 90 or even older! Many people are worried about keeping a comfortable lifestyle depending on how long they live.
  • Volatility with investments. The “post-crash” world has demonstrated that volatility may be the norm for years to come and can wreak havoc on a retirement that is mostly based on stocks, bonds or mutual funds. If you are retired or within ten years or so of retirement, you may want to reevaluate where you stand. How do you find out if you might be taking too much risk for a desired outcome?
  • The decline in traditional pension plans. Over the past forty years, company pensions that used to provide a guaranteed monthly income have become increasingly rare. Since 401(k)s and IRAs have become prevalent, the burden is on you – you have to decide how much to invest, where to invest, keep up with changing tax rules and regulations and take charge of making sure you have enough future income. This issue may become even more crucial as you approach retirement.

What we have found is that although the retirement world has changed, many workers, retirees, stockbrokers and other types of advisors have not adjusted accordingly.


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